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Furthering our knowledge and understanding of the Northern Bobwhite and Scaled Quail and their habitat relationships with the goal of expanding the range of sustainable populations. Conducting research and educating new biologists and land owners in quail management in concert with Texas Tech University.

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Quail-Tech Vision

The Quail are fighting for survival

Quail are declining. This truth is the driving force behind a small group of conservation minded individuals who sat down and plotted the strategy for one of the greatest conservation and research battles to be fought on Texas soil.

The battle must be fought on a broad front

This approach utilizes data from a broad area known for its’ diverse habitat and weather patterns. A 38-county area was chosen; one which represents the Quail stronghold and the eastern counties where Quail are losing the war.

The Anchor Ranches

With these 38 counties and Anchor Ranches: biologists, conservationists and ranch owners will embark upon the one of the largest Quail data collection effort in Texas encompassing some 22 million acres.

The Leadership

Texas Tech University has long held the respect of this area in range and wildlife research. The battle will be fought with Texas Tech leading the charge and with 38 battlefields to protect Quail populations and habitat.

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Quail-Tech Goal

Five Year Commitment

The Quail-Tech Alliance will provide Anchor Ranches in each of the 38 counties to serve as a stronghold and base from which the line of Quail decline will be pushed eastward until sustainable populations are returned to all of northwest and north-central Texas.

Each of the 38 ranches will become a laboratory to be used for a five-year research effort. This will provide a data set unaffected by catastrophic weather events in a small area and will give a clear, informative view of progress in the battle to return sustainable populations of Bobwhite and Blue Quail to Texas.

Corporate Allies

The Quail-Tech Alliance will recruit corporate partners to join with Texas Tech in its’ efforts to preserve this precious resource of Texas. These corporate partners may provide monetary support as well as logistics and equipment, and will be welcomed at field days, demonstration days and at all Alliance meetings. Corporate partners will be recognized for their commitment to such a worthy ecological cause in all Quail-Tech literature and web publications.

Texas and Beyond

The real victory is the message. The founding 38 Anchor Ranchers will serve as emissaries, spreading to the far corners of each and every county the need to adopt the recommendations and programs spawned from the efforts of the Alliance and its’ founding Anchor Ranches. Our effort will continue through many five-year commitment cycles and end only when we have returned the quail to Texas and beyond.

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