One of the greatest conservation and research battles fought on Texas soil.


Quail are declining in population.

We use this plain fact as the driving force behind Quail-Tech™, a research team at Texas Tech University. In our work, we partner with conservation-minded individuals to expand sustainable populations through increased knowledge, understanding and research. Whether you are a large landowner or an interested individual, you can join us in the fight.


Our efforts to reverse the decline stretches across 38 counties and 22 million acres in the Rolling Plains of Texas, representing areas populous in quail and also those where quail populations have declined. Backed by our anchor ranches, we are conducting one of the largest quail data collection efforts to learn how to best protect quail populations and habitat. 

What makes Quail-Tech™ different from many other research programs?

Many researchers are attempting to fully understand the complex relationship between rainfall and quail population growth. At Quail-Tech™, we are moving beyond this effort to simply monitor, explain, and predict. We are finding ways to influence quail population growth in the Rolling Plains of Texas.


For a behind-the-scenes look into Quail-Tech™ and our research, visit our Videos page.


Anchor Ranch Program

In an effort to stem the decline of bobwhite quail and scaled quail in Texas, Quail-Tech™–a research program of Texas Tech University–designates a 38-county research area in west central and northwest Texas, an area that encompasses more than 22 million acres.


Anchor ranches throughout this area serves as a field research or demonstration site for five years, hosting a specific project during one year of the five-year period. This strategy allows us to study multiple areas with diverse weather patterns and habitat characteristics.


Historic ranches like 6666, W.T. Waggoner Ranch, and more, host projects that use cutting-edge science to address quail decline and improve our understanding of the many factors that influence quail population growth. Additionally, the customized research projects for each ranch serves the needs of the individual ranch’s operations. Through these projects, we learn better ways to increase and sustain quail populations, especially through increasing acreage of suitable quail habitat. 

Anchor Ranches

Texas Tech University has long held the respect of this area in range and wildlife research. 

Our effort will continue through many five-year commitment cycles.

Quail-Tech™ would not exist without the collaboration of our anchor ranches. Thank you for your support and friendship over the years. We will continue to serve you and the rolling plains ecoregion for years to come.

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Our vision is to further our knowledge and understanding of the Northern Bobwhite and Scaled Quail and their habitat relationships with the goal of expanding the range of sustainable populations. To achieve this vision, we conduct research and educate new biologists and landowners in quail management.



Our goals with Quail-Tech™ are to: 


  • Provide anchor ranches throughout the 38 counties to serve as a stronghold and base from which the line of quail decline will be pushed eastward until sustainable populations are returned to all of northwest and north-central Texas

  • Recruit corporate partners and recognize their efforts to support Texas Tech in its efforts to preserve quail in Texas 

  • Generate widespread adoption of the recommendations and programs created from Quail-Tech™ and its anchor ranches, until we have sustainable quail populations in Texas and beyond


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Quail-Tech™ is a research program within the natural resources management department at Texas Tech University. Their continued support enables us to further our dedication to this important cause.


The fight for quail conservation continues.

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