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The Terry Family’s passion for ranching, cattle operations, land cultivation and development along with their love of the outdoors and conservation led them to purchase MT7 Ranch in 2008. Located in North Central Texas in Stephens County, MT7 Ranch encompasses more than 22,000 acres of rolling plains and cross timbers habitats.



The ranch uses traditional agricultural practices such as cattle and farming in combination with wildlife management to generate profits while simultaneously enhancing and benefiting habitat. The primary operational goals are to develop a first-class cattle operation currently focused on Red Angus and commercial stocker sales, drive oil and gas interests, cultivate crop (wheat, hay, etc.) production and capitalize on land value appreciation.

Additionally, the ranch strives to act as a model for others through its best practices and good land stewardship ethics, including restoration of native grasses and risk management. Consequently, the ranch not only provides quality recreational experiences for guests, but also is used as an outdoor classroom for local elementary school students through graduate school students from around the region.

The ranch works cooperatively with Texas Parks & Wildlife, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, Louisiana State University, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Breckenridge ISD and others on a variety of research, education, field day and demonstration projects. To date, the ranch has produced record book quality whitetail deer and Rio Grande wild turkey along with excellent populations of quail and migratory birds such as dove and waterfowl.

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