The Nail Ranch has been a working cattle ranch since the 1880s and is located north Albany, TX.



James Henry Nail Sr. started running cattle in 1880 across the Red River in Indian Territory with other cattlemen, such as Dan Waggoner and Burke Burnett. As the family business grew Jim's brother, William Chapman "Buck" Nail brought cattle to Shackelford County and Established the Buck Nail Ranch.

Impressed with Buck's enthusiasm for the grassland around Albany, sister Matilda Nail Cook and Jim Nail Sr. purchased the Holstein Ranch and Dobbs Farm northwest of Albany, naming it the Cook Ranch. Afterwards, sister Rebecca Nail Davis bought the Coates Ranch west of Albany, naming it Merrick Davis Ranch.


A few years later, Jim Nail Sr. sold his interest in the Cook Ranch to his sister and brother-in-law. He purchased almost 100 sections from the Monroe Cattle Company. Jim then made the old headquarters on Foyle Creek his headquarters of the "9" Ranch known today as "The Nail." By the early 1900's there were four ranches in Shackelford County owned by "Nail's." Youngest brother Robert Nail Sr. operated the bank in Albany.

The Nail Ranch today operates under two entities with a strong cow/calf operation numbering over 3,000 mother cows. The ranch also has a strong horse operation. The fourth generation now operates the running of the ranch, with Jack Henry Nail starting the fifth generation of the family ranchers.