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Quail-Tech™ in the News

Athens Daily Review
Oct 3, 2019
By: Matt Williams

A tip of the hat and a double thumbs up goes out to the Park Cities Quail Coalition and all of its loyal followers. The Dallas-based conservation group recently cracked open its kitty and handed out more than $1.75 million in grant money in support of more than a dozen conservation organizations and research initiatives centered on making a better life for Texas quail and military veterans, alike. 

Dallas Morning News

Nov 19, 2016

By: Ray Sasser

The Quail-Tech Alliance, a quail research group at Texas Tech, is doing studies with bobwhites wearing GPS transmitters. Quail-Tech Supervisor Brad Dabbert said he expects the eventual results to unlock the mysteries of the bobwhite's home range and how coveys interact. "I am very excited about the information this study will reveal," Dabbert said.

Texas Tech University
Aug 15, 2013
By: John Davis

About eight years ago, bobwhite quail started disappearing on the fabled Four Sixes Ranch near Guthrie. Joe Leathers, the general manager of the ranch, said he and others noticed fewer and fewer of the birds as each year passed. While they knew that other parts of the country and even Texas had experienced the same disappearing act, he and owner Anne W. Marion wanted to do something to protect the coveys that still existed on the 208,000-acre ranch that was established in 1870.

Lone Star Outdoor News

Feb 12, 2010

By: Bill Miller

State biologists predicted this quail season would be average to downright lousy across Texas, and they were right. Last summer’s drought prevented bobwhite populations from making a rebound in South Texas — a grim leftover from a decade that was mostly dry. Success this season has been “spotty” in other regions, said Robert Perez, the upland game program leader for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Dallas Morning News

Feb 6, 2010

By: Ray Sasser

As another poor quail season grinds toward a halt, I'm struck by a disturbing thought. Texas deer hunters may be killing more quail than quail hunters kill, and the deer hunters are not even aware they're doing it. How is that possible? Deer hunters put out an estimated 300 million to 500 million pounds of corn each year to bait white-tailed deer near hunting blinds. 

Times Record News

Nov 12, 2009

By: Mark Howell

Few things in life are better than hunting bobwhite quail with a good dog. It’s even better when you’re able to find a few coveys and get some quality dog work in looking for singles. Unfortunately, those days have been few and far between over the last several years. According to the Quail Forever organization, quail population losses over the last 25 years range from 60 to 90 percent across the country. 

Dallas Morning News

Nov 11, 2009

By: Ray Sasser

Quail season fittingly began on Halloween, and it looks like another trick-or-treat sort of a season. Many veteran bird hunters wait until cooler weather when bird dogs can run without overheating and with less chance of encountering rattlesnakes. Most of the reports trickling in from early quail hunts ranged from mediocre to dismal. 


Oct 24, 2009

By: Bill Miller

It’s easy to long for the "good old days" if you are a quail hunter. "I’m 72 and I started quail hunting in Texas when I was 16," said Massey Tillman, a Fort Worth lawyer and retired federal judge. "In the late ’60s and early ’70s, I had a law partner who had a ranch between Fort Worth and Weatherford.

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